Suitable Care Environments For Young Children

Children aged from two years old and upwards can be placed into childcare during the day. This encourages the early development of learning skills, as well as a social awareness which will allow them to interact better with their peers once they go to school. However, it is very important that the environment you choose is suitable for them. Most childcare centres these days are regulated by the government and provide a space which is governed by guidelines. You should still check that what they are able to provide is suitable for your child, particularly based on their specific age.

Children Aged from 2 to 3 Years Old
First of all, children who are entered in their first year of childcare need a little more help because they are away from home for the first time. A range of different play areas should be provided within your child care centre, which is separated out from the facilities used by the older children. Educational toys and books should be included, as well as art supplies so that they can begin to express creative abilities. They should also have the chance to play independently, whilst under supervision, so that they can begin to develop social skills. A good example of a good chilcare is long day care in Bondi.

Children Aged from 3 to 5 Years Old
When children get a bit older, the facilities provided to them in the child care centre should reflect this. They will be more advanced, and so the activities they are asked to complete should be a little bit more advanced too. Children should be encouraged to make their own decisions, though of course they will still have access to play areas and be able to have a lot of fun. This is when they begin to develop their consciousness of social and logical factors, as well as being more creative.

Outdoor Play Areas
When the weather is good, there should be plenty of opportunities for children to play outside. Getting fresh air and some sun on their skin is very important. A soft playground where they will not hurt themselves if they fall, as well as plenty of toys and games around the place, is a very good start. The outdoor areas should also either be sun safe, or be monitored by staff members armed with sunscreen. If the weather is not good, then a large indoor play space should also be provided so that children are able to stay active no matter how it is outside. This is important for the development of physical skills.

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