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What Is The Effect Of Sensory Therapy Toys On A Child’s Mental Health?

Stress is real problem and now a days it’s getting common and every human goes through stress in different phases of life and every human has different way to cop stress. Some of us chew bubble gum or ice and some people might tap their fingers or feet when they are alone or annoyed. Sensory toys for toddlers are made for children’s who are mentally disable or go through from autism spectrum disorder. Sensory toys have the ability to capture the attention of children’s. Sensory therapy toys are a great way to involve learning in kids of all ages. They can help the kids to develop new skills and brace the old ones.

Toys that are great for improvement in sensory skills:

Fidget spinner: The new internet sensation fidget spinner gain so much popularity among young generation. Many teen agers and kids began using fidget spinner in schools the addiction of fidget spinner was so strong that some schools reported students show lack of interest in studies and they were highly involved in trading and selling of best fidget toys for toddlers. The main reason why it got so much popularity is because it was promoted as it helps people who have issues while focusing or it release psychological stress anxiety and neurological disorders like autism.

 Sensory rings: Sensory rings are another great option for children who love repetitive activities or movements and making a flow by playing with it. Some therapist recommended that children should interact in activities that plays a vital role in sensory integration therapy for children’s who have some kind of issues in sensory processing like bouncing, crashing and spinning. These children’s finds difficulties in socializing because lack of motivation which they are getting through their senses and they don’t much contribute in society.


According to research sensory processing disorders happens in approximately 5-17% of children age between 4-6 years old. And many families who gone through sensory integration therapy has helped for their children’s mental processing capacity. It helps in handling different sensory experience more effectively. By using sensory toys for therapy like fidget spinner helps children’s to improve their focus. They also helps in building their confidence, social skills and it gives skill to share their needs with others. They are the best educational and therapy toys and effective way to involve kids in learning. By doing these kind of activities they think they are playing but they won’t even know that they are playing at the same time. We have therapy toys that helps them in developing their communication skills, their speech, manage feelings, friendships and helps problem solving activities.

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